Celeriac Improves Thyroid Function

I only started eating celeriac a few years ago when it was an ingredient in the Hippocrates Soup on the Gerson Therapy. But I also now make a traditional French salad out of it which is julienned and combined with julienned apple with a light dressing. It is sooooo Yummy!

If you like celery, then celeriac (being celery root) is just a milder version, but much more versatile. I read recently that celeriac is fantastic for balancing our electrolytes, which includes potassium which we thyroid people struggle with.

So let's have a look at what the experts say is hidden behind that knobbly exterior!

1 cup of celeriac has

🌱21% of DVI in Vitamin C
🌱80% of DVI in Vitamin K
🌱5% of DVI in Vitamin B1
🌱6% of DVI in Vitamin B2
🌱5% of DVI in Vitamin B3
🌱13% of DVI in Vitamin B6
🌱18% of DVI in Phosphorus
🌱13% of DVI in Potassium
🌱12% of DVI in manganese
🌱2% of DVI in Selenium
🌱3% of DVI in Zinc
🌱6% of DVI in Iron
🌱8% of DVI in Magnesium
🌱11% of DVI in Fibre
🌱5% of DVI in Protein
🌱7% of DVI in Calcium
🌱It has a glycemic load of 6
🌱It supports digestion
🌱Boosts cognitive function
🌱Improves bone density
🌱Reduces inflammation
🌱Improves skin health
🌱Improves heart health
🌱Improves wound healing

Well, that's not a bad list?? I think I will keep eating this lovely little root vegetable. Who else has tried it? Do you like it? How do you use it?

Love & Hugs
Kylie x