Acrylamides May Cause Thyroid Tumours

Acrylamides are those golden bits of crunchy crispiness on carbohydrates when they are cooked. Yes, sad face time 😧

So every time we burn the toast a little more or fry something golden the result is acrylamides. So if the frying part or the bread part don't turn us off then maybe the acrylamides being implicated in thyroid tumours might?

I know just writing this I'm thinking twice. I already have a thyroid weakness, why would I want to test fate? I don't have a lot of toast due to the gluten but even when I have gluten free toast I like to burn the crap out of it!! And who doesn't love a golden roasted potato?? Cue an even sadder face 😩.

Well, anyone else going to steam instead of fry this year??

Love & Sad Hugs
Kylie x