Acetaminophen Lowers Thyroid Function

It is also the leading cause of liver failure!!

So what is this impossible sounding word? It is the active ingredient in some pain medications (over the counter common ones hint hint).

Since we need a healthy liver for a healthy thyroid (remember 70% of thyroid hormone is converted into its healthy form in the liver), then anything that we take regularly that is going to have a negative impact on our liver is therefore going to have a negative impact on our thyroid and in turn how we feel.

So for those of us that may be relying on pain medications for all our aches and pains, first, look at the ingredients on the box, and second, its time to start cutting back and finding more natural forms of pain relief. Not always easy, but baby steps.

Being aware of this is simply the first baby step.

Love & Hugs
Kylie x