A Fatty Liver Lowers Thyroid Function

And the question these days seems to be - who DOESN'T have a fatty liver?? With every documentary I watch and article I read it appears that our young children are also suffering from fatty liver due to our high intake of sugar as a species.

Why does fatty liver matter? 

Because it can lead to the same thing that drinking a lot of alcohol does. - Liver cirrhosis. Which causes liver failure. 

Yep, it's that serious. 

And even more of a concern for us thyroid people is that 70% of our thyroid hormone is converted into its useable form (yep, we can't use it until it has been converted) in the Liver.

So this will be one of those answers to the people who ask:
"My TSH test says I'm fine, but I'm not"

We must be taking care of the ENTIRE Thyroid Pathway - not just the thyroid if we are to feel well.

If you want ideas on how to improve the liver, head over to thyroidschool.com and pop LIVER into the search bar, then get to reading lovely one!

Love & Hugs
Kylie x