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Thyroid Jar Food



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Ok, so this is the official description on Amazon and iBooks:


Do you want to have healthy nourishing food for your thyroid at your finger tips at any time of the day? Do you want to have an easy way of transporting food to the office or when you are running around in the car doing jobs?

Thyroid Disease is epidemic and Kylie Wolfig is a Naturopath who has lived with it for nearly 25 years. It is what took her back to school in her 40’s to learn about her health and how she could improve the day to day symptoms. Kylie understands the fatigue and lack of motivation for life in general, let alone for making food that is healthy nourishing and tasty.

The recipes in this book are all high in foods that contain the co-factors, vitamins and minerals that are needed for the Thyroid to make hormone and then convert it to its active form.  The recipes also contain foods that help to combat the heavy metals in the body that may attack the Thyroid. The recipes also leave out inflammatory foods that are damaging to the Thyroid.

In this book Kylie shares dozens of favourite recipes and meal ideas that she enjoys on a regular basis, including tips for eating on the run when you are a wife, mother, student, business owner and Thyroid Sufferer!


But since this is my website, I am not that formal here. These recipes and this way of eating is honestly my go-to when I'm busy and if I want to stay on track. And I freeze sooo many things in these single serve sizes just for me too. Works brilliantly. Hope you find it as useful as I do. xo