Thyroid Balm - Heels

Thyroid Balm - Heels

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I don't know about you, but if I leave my heels unattended for two weeks, they go on vacation and come back cracked and shrivelled! What's with that?? Although I have figured out it seems to be a common thyroid symptom, possible due to the dry skin issue, it's awful!!

I have tried a million things over the years and more. Chemical and natural included!

I have finally got it under control BUT if I don't do this everyday - then I will run the risk of those darn cracks coming back!

So I use one of those Scholl Foot things! The electric pumice devices that spin around and around and send dry skin flying everywhere (which is why I stand in the bath to do it). I use this (takes all of 2 minutes) before jumping in the shower of a morning and then when I get out I use my heel balm and put on socks while I continue to get ready, have breakfast etc. By the time I am ready to put my shoes on, the socks come off and my heels are silky smooth!!

So what did I put in my heel balm? First you should smell this one! Wow! Honey honey! So apart from the natural balmy stuff that makes it hold its consistency (like jojoba oil, bees wax, macadamia oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E etc) there is:

Jarrah Medicinal Honey

This is amazing stuff - if you have been on the manuka band wagon, then Jarrah honey offers the same qualities. Now I'm not talking about the one you can buy in the supermarket here - Like manuka you will need to find Jarrah medicinal honey from specialised outlets. It is incredible on the skin and healing, and smells like you are rubbing your feet with just pure honey! So good!

Calendula Oil

Apart from being anti-inflammatory, with amazing healing benefits, calendula oil also promotes blood flow to the area which increases wound healing and results in a faster recovery rate. It improves skin hydration, which is needed with dry cracked heels and is antimicrobial to inhibit any infections.


There is a story floating around that the reason we discovered lavenders skin healing properties was because a worker on a French farm last century accidentally set himself alight (not sure how sorry), but the only thing he could think to do was to dive into the vat of lavender oil.  Apparently his burns all but dissapeared. Since then it has been studied extensively for its skin healing properies and found to be outstanding.