Thyroid Balm - Clarity

Thyroid Balm - Clarity

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The Clarity Balm came about because I wanted something that would calm me down so that I could think clearly about things. I am pretty busy and have many balls in the air at the same time, so sometimes I forget to just take a breath and let it flow. 

I have found this balm has also helped me reduce tension headaches if I have been staring at the computer too long.

This balm contains the balm base stuff plus


It is said that if you only buy one essential oil this is the one. I am bias as I have a French mother-in-law who grew up on her fathers Lavender Farm in the South of France and I am lucky enough to own a precious bottle of this old lavender oil which smells byond amazing! Lavender is said to be Calming, Sedative qualities, Remove emotional stress, Alleviates headaches, Relieves pain, Nervine, improves brain function, Improves sleep, amazing for the skin.


Anti-depressant, Sedative, relaxant, creates feelings of joy, stimulates hormonal secretions which is why it impacts our brain, helpful for pain (headaches), confidence builder, releases emotional pain, can improve low sex drive, improves circulation which is what helps with the uplifting and fresh feelings.

Lemon Myrtle

Uplifting, chases away the blues Aids happiness (more pleeeeease!), Improves concentration, Sedative qualities, Calming and have you smelled it? It's just awesome!!