Thyroid Balm - Balancing

Thyroid Balm - Balancing

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This Balm is my original balm. I made it for myself and then, after taking it to a health & wellness expo to help fill up the table, it sold out! I was actually surprised that something I make for myself was something others would want to use.

I sold out pretty much the first day, but I kept the sample pot so others could smell and try it. At 5pm on the final day, a lovely lady stood in front of me and said "Come on.... you can sell me the sample pot, no one else is coming through" I was gobsmacked! So she paid half price and took the sample pot even after my disclaimer of "I don't know if people have put their fingers in that" but she didn't care. It smells that Good!!

When I first made this balm, I was genuinely just "guided" as to what I put in it. I hadn't done any research into essential oils at all, so imagine my delight when I discovered the properties of the essential oils I chose!

So apart from the ingredients that make the Balm a Balm, I have, what I now call, my Thyroid Mix of essential oils in it. Not going to share my ratio (cause, you know....) but these are the oils in the balm:


Balances hormone levels, Promotes cell regeneration, Supports healthy immune system, Improves skin appearance (so if you have an ageing neck and applying this to your thyroid yay), Wrinkle reducer, Decrease scar appearance,  supports cellular function, Balances mood, Improves anxiety and stress, Lowers inflammation.


Virus Destroyer, Antioxidant, Anti-cancer properties, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitic, Wound Healing, Decreases stress which has a massive impact on the thyroid, It is suggested also that Myrrh can help with Thyroid Conversion and Iodine uptake.


Anti-inflammatory, Supports the Immune System, Boosts Energy, Kills Germs, Improves Skin Health, Natural Bug repellant (take your balm outdoors), Relieves anxiety and stress, Detoxifier.


Hormone Balancing characteristics, Carminative, reduces hunger cravings, Improves energy, Improves focus, Improves concentration, Reduces allergy symptoms, Natural bug repellant, Hydrates burned skin, Relieves respiratory distress, reduce swollen lymph glands.

Lemon Myrtle

Uplifting, chases away the blues Aids happiness (more pleeeeease!), Improves concentration, Sedative qualities, Calming, Promotes skin healing.


Cravings control, Uplifting, calming, Reduces depression, Stimulates the immune system, Decreases fluid retention, Fights throat and respiratory infections, Activates the lymphatic system, Boosts metabolism, Diuretic, reduces candida outbreak, helps adrenal fatigue symptoms.