Coffee Enema Kit

Coffee Enema Kit

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At each of the expos I have taken my products to, I have always sold a lot of these kits. I find it so uplifting and miraculous that so many people are interested in doing something that doesn't really feel natural for the sake of their health.

I love that!

So I started putting kits together because many of my clients found that they couldn't get the buckets anywhere. In these kits you will find the following:

Stainless Steel Enema Bucket with tubes
Thyroid Me Time - the book I wrote about coffee enemas
2 x single uses of organic coffee
2 x single uses of organic chamomile tea
1 x coconut oil
1 x castile soap for cleaning
1 x hydrogen peroxide spray for cleaning

These ingredients are everything you need to perform 2 x single coffee enemas plus 2 single chamomile enemas. All you need to purchase is distilled water.

After that, you will still have the bucket (which will last you for years) and the book, and you will just need to replace the ingredients as you use them.