Pyrrole Disorder Questionnaire

If you can tick more than 15 of these, it means that it is possible you have Pyrrole Disorder and need to take Zinc and Vitamin B6. While I only tick less than 10, because thyroid people tend to have issues with both zinc and mental health, I take this daily as a precaution.


o When you were young did you sunburn easily? Do you have pale or fair skin?    

o Do you have a reduced amount of head hair, eyebrows, or lashes?

o Do you have prematurely grey hair?

o Do you have poor dream recall, or nightmares?

o Have you been anxious, fearful, or felt a lot of inner tension since childhood?

o If yes on last question, have you hid those inner feelings from others?

o Is it hard to clearly recall past events and people in your life?

o Do you have bouts of depression and/or nervous exhaustion?

o Do you have cluster headaches?

o Are your eyes sensitive to sunlight?

o Do you belong to an all girl family, or have look alike sisters?

o Do you get frequent colds or infections, unexplained chills, or fevers?

o Do you dislike eating protein or became vegetarian because of your dislike?

o Did you reach puberty later than normal?

o Are there white spots/specks on your fingernails, or do you have opaquely or paper thin nails?

o Are you prone to acne, eczema or psoriasis?

Do you prefer smaller gatherings of one or two over a larger gathering of friends?

Do you have stretch marks on your skin?

Have you noticed a sweet smell or fruity odor on your breath or sweat when ill or stressed?

Do you have or did you have, crowded upper front teeth?

Do you prefer not to eat breakfast, or even experience light nausea in the morning?

Does your face sometimes appear swollen while under a lot of stress?

Do you have a poor appetite, or a poor sense of smell or taste?

Do you have any upper abdominal or splenic pain?

As a child, would you get a “stitch” in your side when you ran?

Do you tend to focus internally (on yourself) rather than on the external world?

Do you frequently experience fatigue?

Do you feel uncomfortable with strangers?

Do your knees crack or ache?

Do tranquilizers, barbiturates, alcohol, or other drugs feel strong? Does a little bit cause a heavy affect?

Does it bother you to be seated in a restaurant, or in the middle of a room?

Are you anemic?

 Do you have cold hands/or feet?

Are you easily upset (internally) by criticism?

Do you have a tendency toward morning constipation?

Do you have tingling sensations or muscle spasms in your legs or arms?

Do changes in your routine provoke stress?

Do you tend to become dependent on one person whom you build your life around?


Love & Hugs
Kylie x