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Founder of thyroid school & The thyroid life academy
Author of thyroid habits - thyroid me time - thyroid jar food

Kylie Wolfig

Kylie's Bio

Kylie Wolfig suffered from Thyroid Disease for 20 years before deciding to changer her Thyroid Story.

She now holds an Adv.Dip in Naturopathy; Adv.Dip in Nutrition; Adv.Dip in Western Herbal Medicine and is in her final year of a Degree in Complimentary Medicine.

Kylie is the author of five books and the founder of Thyroid School, an online education platform to empower other women with Thyroid disease to change their own Thyroid Story.

Kylie's articles have been featured in The Conscious Living Magazine, Thrive Global and she has spoken to audiences at the Every Woman Expo and the Conscious Living Expo

Kylie lives in Perth, Australia with her patient husband, teenaged son and beloved shoe and crystal collection.


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Kylie Wolfig is available to comment on Thyroid Disease both as a patient and a practitioner. She also talks freely about turning her illness into her income. You can contact her for quotes or articles on the following

  • Thyroid Disease

  • The Thyroid Pathway

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Thyroid Healing

Kylie Wolfig
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