Rachael Te Wano - Soul Healer


I had never heard of a Soul Healer before meeting Rachael. But it is a fascinating prospect, the thought of being able to clear out all of the baggage our soul is carrying around don't you think?

I met Rachael at a Conscious Living Expo where I had a booth for Thyroid School. Her booth was right across from mine. I recall looking at her signs and wondering what it was all about. Boy was I in for a ride!!

On the second day of the expo, I was struggling a little due to the sheer number of people I was talking too. Rachael offered me a little help. I'm not entirely sure what she did, my best guess (now that I have been to see her again) is that she grounded me, and cleared my fears. After just 10 mins I felt strong, motivated and ready to face thousands of people. Clearly I needed more of this! So after the expo I booked a "real" appointment.

Thyroid Healing


I arrived at Rachael's South Bunbury Room and lay on her bed.  All around me were beautiful crystals and other such magical woo woo items. The first thing she did was check if my chakras were switched on by holding her pendulum above each one. My Earth Star was off which is my grounding chakra, along with a couple of others. Rachael turned them back on again (don't ask me how) and then proceeded to both "assess' me and listen to her guides and my soul all at the same time.

I talked about my fears with growing a business and my self doubts about actually being able to achieve what I was dreaming about. Rachael shared many insights, not just from herself but from her guides, my guides and from my very own soul.  She used Light Language for that last one - communicating with my soul that is and it is the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. A mix of singing and speaking in a language that sounds kind of like Egyptian and French all rolled up into one (well that's my take on it anyway).

Driving home from that session was a completely surreal experience. I was ready. I knew how I was going to move forward. I could see how I could help others with Thyroid School by helping myself. It would be a ripple affect, and the more people I could teach how to also help themselves, then they can help others. This clarity consumed me and I knew I had found a way to help me move forward in life.


About a month after the first appointment, I booked a second one. This session began the same way with Rachael checking my chakras and Earth Star (which she was happy to say was still turned on - Yay me!) Then began the introduction to Diamond Codes and Sophia Heart Activations. I began to receive and understand the information my soul needed me to know. Rachael uncovered and cleared some major blocks due to past lives and as she told me what they were, they sounded so familiar.

Again I went away from the session with a renewed sense of optimism and sheer joy (I struggle with joy) that all the dreams and plans I was putting in place would not only work, but bring me joy and happiness. And really, who could want more than that?


Absolutely! In fact I have gone many times and will continue to clear out my baggage as I need to.  Rachael is not at all a hippie healer (although I love them too), she loves luxury, lace, pearls and champagne. Quite different to what one would expect when thinking about what a "soul healer" may look like. And her kinship with the crystal realm is beyond! 

To be honest, words cannot truly describe what Rachael does and how she changed my life. I can only encourage you to see for yourself.


The sessions last an hour and at the time of writing are $150. Rachael sees clients face to face in South Bunbury and Perth, but she also sees clients over Skype so it doesn't matter where you are you can get yourself some Soul Healing too. It is a simple matter of booking on her website Rachaeltewano.com