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Kylie invites you to join her on the

thyroid life wellness retreat

26 July - 16 August 2019
Southern India

Thyroid Retreat India
Thyroid Retreat India
Thyroid Retreat India

You are being called to join Kylie Wolfig, the founder of Thyroid School, in nurturing your Thyroid on an Ayurveda well-being journey into the foothills of Southern India in July-Aug 2019.

Your Thyroid Life Wellness Retreat will focus on many aspects of thyroid disease including thyroid balancing, detoxification, gut health, weight loss, fatigue, mindset and self love.

This, one of a kind, Thyroid  Retreat is interlaced with life changing workshops personally facilitated by Kylie to assist you in floating away from this incredible 3 weeks with a more balanced thyroid and immune system and the exciting seeds of a new Thyroid Life.